Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hi everyone. I wanted to post a prayer need for a dear friend of mine. Monica is 31 and is currently battling thyroid cancer. This has been going on for the last 5 years and after visiting Mayo Clinic this week, she learned that all the efforts here at home have been for nothing. (3 rounds of high radiation.) When they removed her thyroid they did not remove the lymph nodes in her neck and the cancer had settled there and had laid dormant and is now raging. They are not sure if it has spread anywhere else. She will travel back to the Mayo Clinic on the 21st of February for removal of her lymph nodes in her neck. She has 6 children (1 passed away at 3 days old 3 years ago.)between ages 9 to 10 months and homeschools the two older children. Monica has a very strong faith, but right now she is understandably rattled. I just finished a cable scarf for her in the thyroid cancer colors. I can't wait to give it to her and especially now that she will be having surgery she can use it to help hide the scars. I know that she would really appreciate any prayers.

Here is a picture of the scarf I made for her. Thanks everyone!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I finished, it's a miracle

I finished my Red scarf Project contribution. It came out pretty well for just throwing something together. I did ten rows of stockinette and then a drop stitch and felted when it was done. there's more pictures and info about it on my blog. I'll be going to the post office on Monday to ship it. Need to write up a little note to put with it though first. Anybody else doin some more?

That's my son modeling for me by the way :)


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New member Charity coordinator

I am Renee. I live in Minnesota and I coordinate nationally a knitting group called Sheila's Shawls and Paul's Scarves. We are a sub- group of The Silent Witness Initiative. Silent Witness worked with Sheila and Senator Paul Wellstone to end domestic violence. This was their passion. When their plane crashed in 2002, this sub group was formed to create prayer shawls and scarves in honor of Sheila and Paul. We make shawls and scarves and donate them to survivors of domestic violence and families who have lost loved ones to domestic violence. I work with several people across the country who are coordinators for their state. Each person doing what they can to comfort others. I like the idea of this group, because I work very hard at keeping prayer in the front of my life as I knit my way through. I teach school full time to special education students in a Catholic high school. So I knit whenever I am not teaching. It is almost as natural as breathing for me. I also have a knitting group at school. The students make a variety of items for the homeless, domestic violence victims, infants as well as other people in need. We currently donated over 300 items to the shelters and groups from the fall of 2006 until the end of 2006. We are starting on new projects for winter and spring.
I am happy this group is here.

Friday, January 5, 2007

hi from Alaska

I just wanted to tell everyone that the red scarf project still needs more scarves! I am trying to do a foot a day so I can get mine sent in by the tenth.
Please think about it!
Thanks, Briana

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Breast Cancer Blanket

I was in bible study a couple weeks ago and we took a moment to pray for one of the women's mother who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. I instantly knew I wanted to knit something for her and a few other women were interested in doing something too. I couldn't decide what to make, a hat, shawl, or blanket. I'm not sure if she is going to go through chemo or not but I do know she's going into surgery. I figure a blanket would be best. Who doesn't like a bright cheerful blanket. And the yarn I'm using is black and different shades of pink, very breast cancer appropriate don't you think? Well, anyway here's a picture of my progress.

It's knitted diagonally and probably looks really mishapened but that's just because the stitches are all bunched on the needles. The corner is curling a bit too but I think with some blocking when I'm finished it should be fine. I'm just really hoping it isn't so bright that she won't like it...


Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Hi, my name is Elyse and I've been wanting to start this knitting charity for quite some time now. It took a backburner for a while but recently there have been several people God has brought to my attention that I knew this charity could encourage. So here it is. The very beginnings to the PrayerKnits group I've been looking forward to starting for so long. I want to welcome anyone and everyone who is interested in being a part of it. I sincerely believe god has laid this on my heart and I know he's going to work wonders through it. Just imagine God working through us as knitters. How awesome! so if you're interested email me through the link in the sidebar and get started knitting!!